Park Maintance/Street Department 


The Village of Paulding is currently seeking an individual to fill a part-time seasonal position with its Park & Utility Department. This position is a 29 hours or less per week from April 2018 until November 2018 at the rate of 12.50/hr. Requirements include a high school diploma or equivalent. Job-related experience is a plus. Applications will be accepted until position is filled.

Under the supervision of the Street Department Supervisor
Mow all parks (LaFountain Park, Reservoir Park, McGuire Park)
Drag all baseball fields
Keep fences free of weeds and grass
Line and paint grass and fields as scheduled before each league game
Will advise and replace needed supplies such as mulch, stone, light bulbs, toiletries, etc.
Will keep wood chips around playground equipment and inspect playground equipment on a weekly basis and report any problems to their supervisor and repair broken items
Will do a daily pick up of litter on all park grounds
Will service and supply restrooms and shelter houses
Will be responsible for repairs to fences, bleachers, etc. as determined by their supervisor
Will make sure that trash receptacles are placed at the proper site to be picked up on the designated day by garbage contractor and after the trash receptacles have been emptied, they must be placed back in their pre-determined locations the same day
Mow the Paulding pool grass area (inside and outside the fence) as needed
Chalk whiffle ball field when needed
Check Port-a-Johns every day, hose out/sweep weekly, supply as needed
Pick up down limbs, maintain trees, cut down trees if needed
Keep all grilles clean
Replace basketball nets as needed
Inspect, report, and repair damages to playgrounds
Mow reservoir and assist with other mowing duties as directed by Supervisor
Assist the Street Department as needed when directed to do so by the Supervisor or Village Administrator
Will maintain/replace pools pumps
Will fill the pool when needed
Will install shade canopies when needed
Will winterize the pool restrooms, hot water heater, etc. when needed
Will mow the W/WWTP
Will paint fire hydrants
Will maintain cemetery graves (till, seed, straw)
Will help street department when needed

Manager, Lifeguards, Concession Staff

Village Office phone number for reference:  419-399-4011
The applications are available now to apply for the 2018 pool season.
We will be hiring managers, lifeguards and concession staff.
*Our goal is to be fully staffed by late March and into early April so that we can open on time and have the appropriate training accomplished in order to have a knowledgeable staff that is ready to enjoy a fun experience for the summer.  There will be "on site" training in knowledge of how the pool operates along with specific responsibilities per your job description.  All employees will work with a "team mentality" in order to have a successful season beginning to end.
We plan to be open more hours, continuing later into the afternoon, including some evenings with special "swims" and activities.
We will have swimming lessons.
*Employment for lifeguard positions is contingent upon Lifeguard Certification or Re-Certification.
First-time Lifeguard Certification Classes are held in April at the Van Wert YMCA.
Lifeguard Recertification Class Schedule consists of 1 day per month on May 6th.
*See attached schedule if you are interested in applying for a Lifeguard position.
Those classes are funded at your expense and are required in order to secure a Lifeguard position at the Paulding Water Park.

We are also looking to hire 1 or 2 managers for the 2018 Season.  We are in search of adults that are looking for an interesting and fun full (1 adult) or part time (2 adults) position. 
Experience working with youth and possessing organization skills is a must.
Concession staff applicants should possess fundamental math skills and have an attitude geared towards excellent customer service.

**Please apply early!!  The summer swim season is fast upon us!!
You may drop the application off at the village office on Main Street (near the library) or mail it in to 116 South Main Street, Paulding, Ohio 45879.
Village of Paulding
116 South Main St. , Paulding , Ohio 45879